Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Hard water contains dissolved minerals that form deposits inside your heaters, washers, and other water-using appliances. These make them work harder than necessary.

A water softener will save you money.

  • You will spend less on soaps and detergents.
  • Your appliances and water heater will use less electricity and gas.
  • You will dramatically extend the life of your water-using appliances.

We offer a Portable Exchange Service water softener, considered a smart, environmentally conscious way to enjoy the benefits of soft water.

  • In the shower or bath, the water feels better on your skin.
  • Your skin and hair rinse better and feel cleaner.
  • Laundry rinses softer and is brighter and cleaner.
  • Dishes and glasses have fewer spots.
  • You need to use less soap, shampoo, conditioner, fabric softener, and other cleaning products.
  • Your appliances work more efficiently.

We install water softeners that condition your water and deliver soft water throughout your home. You will notice many differences.

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