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Sewer Location Service Fairfax CA

Before any plumber begins tearing up your home, business, or yard, its important that they know exactly where to perform the work, and what to expect when they dig. Marin H2O relies on video evaluation of sewer lines and other inaccessible pipes in order to correctly determine what needs to be done, and where to do it. This greatly reduces the time and effort involved in certain plumbing repairs, saving you money in the process.

How does it work? A special plumbing snake with a signal emitter on the end is inserted into, and moved down, the pipe, and a special wand is then used to track the signal and locate the current location of the emitter. The plumber can record the depth and location so that repairs can be targeted to a specific area and performed in a more cost-effective manner.

Certain factors can lessen the accuracy of sewer detection, such as other underground services and utilities, which can disrupt the emitter signal. This makes it very important to have an expert like Marin H2O, with years of experience, locate your sewer line.

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