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Water Heater Replacement Mill Valley CA

An energy-efficient gas water heater can save you up to 50% on water heating costs, and can heat your water up to twice as fast. Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home or business. A professionally installed tank hot water heater should last for more than a decade, and Marin H2O has installed thousands of them.

Are you having hot water issues? Maybe the water doesn't seem as hot as it used to, or the available amount of hot water seems less and less as time goes on? It is not uncommon for small issues to come up as your water heater ages. Remedy these issues in a timely manner to prevent them from becoming larger problems.

Large households may require a larger tank, or a dual tank system to provide enough hot water for all. Tankless hot water heaters are also an option in some homes and businesses.

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